Cassandra and Me

Remember that line from the movie Miss. Potter?  Beatrix Potter is about to meet a new friend and the new friend says to her.  “I warn you.  I am prepared to like you very much.”

I love that line!

That’s how I felt about artist Cassandra Barney, when I met her a couple weeks ago.

Let me back up.

As you know, I am writing another CD.  One of my least favorite parts of creating a CD is the photo shoot.  It makes me self-conscious.  You might assume I would enjoy having my make-up, hair and wardrobe professionally done.  I don’t.  I enjoy the people who do my make-up, hair and clothes, but the whole process seems to put my flaws front and center.  I feel awkward the whole time and I always breathe a sigh of relief when the whole thing is over.  It’s my own insecurities – has nothing to do with the amazing people that come together for the photo shoot.

When photo shoot time rolls around, I always ask if I can be excused from being on the cover.  The answer is always “No.”

I asked the question again recently, proposing that we have my picture painted instead.  I suggested we use Cassandra Barney.  I love her work.

This time, the answer was “Yes.”

I could hardly believe it!  When I received the phone call that Cassandra had agreed to paint the cover of the CD, it felt like Christmas morning!

We met and I loved her as much as I knew I would.  She is talented, warm, real, beautiful, full of ideas, believing…altogether wonderful.

Here is a little taste of her work…

So… I’ll be on the cover, but it will be through the brush-strokes of Cassandra Barney.

Can’t wait.

Blog to you soon,


2 Responses to “Cassandra and Me”

  1. Julie Says:! I saw a painting of hers just last night at the 15th street gallery. (I was there for a holiday party) and I fell in LOVE with it! It was called, “I am my sisters keeper”. If I could in any way afford it, I would have bought it, I loved it that much. I’m so excited to see the result of thus collaboration!

  2. Sherri Webb Says:

    That is such a cool idea! I loved looking at her site. Can’t wait to see the cover!

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