Flowers from Dad

A few weeks ago, my parents came over for dinner.  (They moved here from Alaksa a little over a year ago!  It is SOOO fun having them live seven houses from me!)  My dad walked in the door and presented me a bouquet of flowers!

One of my favorite things to do with a bouquet as of late, is divide up the flowers in individual vases.  I makes me happy.

If you look closely, in the background, you’ll notice the dishes fairy hasn’t arrived yet.  She seems to be late or absent a lot.

Sometimes a girl just needs flowers from her dad.

(This is my darling daughter with my dad.)

Blog to you soon,



2 Responses to “Flowers from Dad”

  1. jay spear Says:

    Handsome guy. He looks like Paul Newman :)

  2. jen flake Says:

    You have a very sweet dad.

    I also love the idea of splitting up the flowers into difference vases! :)

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