Say Love – Studio

We have had such fun recording our first song for this CD…”Say Love.”  As soon as we have something mixed that is worthy to show you, I’ll post a snippet of the music on the blog.  This week we will start on a song called “I Found Me.”  I can’t wait to get started and listen to it evolve.  I think you’re really gonna like this song.

In other news…

Two of my daughters were in the musical Annie at their school.  It was SO AWESOME!  This is basically their first time to act/sing/perform – and they loved it!  They played orphans.  Each night before the performance I would rat and mess up their hair so they looked unkept.  It was a highlight for me.  I’ve always felt like I had a gift for not doing hair well – and I really seemed to shine under these circumstances.

Blog to you soon,


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  1. Wendi Says:

    Congratulations on the progress you’re making on your CD. I’m looking forward to hearing it. :)

  2. Jamie Says:

    Can’t wait!

  3. Shahna Argyle Says:

    Two of my girls did ANNIE this year too. Don’t know about you but I think I reached my lifetime quota of hearing “It’s a Hard Knock Life”. :O) They still love to break it out when we are doing saturday morning chores.

    It was such a great experience for them, though.

    love your blog and feel like in so many ways we live parallel lives. Except for the genuis songwriting and mad singing/piano playing skills.

  4. Andrea Anderson Says:

    just attended TOFW in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.
    After being in the Hospital for 8 days with a kidney infection and just barely recovering, my husband was admitted on tuesday with a kidnay stone attack and had to FINALLY go in for surgery on friday.
    I had been looking forward to this weekend for a couple of months but with everything going on and having to get my husband home after his surgery on friday, to say I was a bit pre occupied on Saturday, would be a bit of and understatement.
    However, music has ALWAYS pulled at my heart strings and your new song I have to sy I can not wait till I is released.
    I just absolutely loved it and could not help but think of my dear sweet husband and our love story as you sang it.
    Thank you SO much for all you do and who you are and for sharing your talents and testimony with me.
    If I recieved anything this past w/e it was from this SONG and the reminder of trying to find 5 words of who I REALLY am. Thank you
    Much love!!!

  5. Helen French Says:

    Hi Hilary,

    I live in Australia and I have just started a blog. I hope with time as I learn how to blog to be help uplift others.
    I am so inspired by your music and I am so grateful for your beautiful talent. I have posted two references to your songs in my blog (i have only 3 posts so far…I am a true beginner) I wanted others to feel the spirit of your music with the message that I share.

    Thank you for your example. I love that you can make me laugh and cry with your inspiring words and music ( I went to Time out for women in Sydney) and your wonderful sense of humour.
    love Helen French

  6. Alison L Says:

    Loved your new song “Say Love” at TOFW this weekend in KS! And on the way home my friend and I decided that we NEEDED to do the rice experiment because it was just too amazing. Thank you for all of your wonderful words and music. Just what I needed.

  7. Kathy Daughters Says:

    Hilary, I just discovered you on KSL when I heard an interview with you. I just bought “Say Love” and have been listening to it daily. I love all the songs and find them so inspiring! If I were a song writer myself I could have written “Better Promises’. I can’t tell you how it speaks of my own experience in learning why I received a “no” 42 years ago. I learned how much Heavenly Father loves me in not giving me what I wanted then. Thank you for expressing my feelings so beautifully. Keep up your beautiful work! :) Kathy D

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