Pleasanton TOFW

Okay, so we had a few glitches.  When does everything go perfectly smooth anyway?

We (Kris Belcher, her mom, Deann Flynn, her mom, Michael Wilcox and me) arrived in San Jose at 4:00 pm.   The first carload left the airport and Kris, her mom and I stayed behind because I was asked to pick up a bag that didn’t make it on the flight before.  Jessica, Jenny Oaks Baker’s pianist, checked her suitcase in SLC on the 12:30 flight, but her suitcase decided not to come.  Delta told Jessica it would be on my flight and so she asked if I would pick it up.  (Are you following all this?) 

To make a long story short, the Delta baggage claim was closed so I finally found a Delta service rep. using a white paging phone (it’s fun, I recommend it).  The bag wasn’t on my flight either.  This wasn’t good.  The bag had Jessica’s music and clothes for her performance that night.  I never found out how she got replacement music, but I do know she had to go to the mall and buy an outfit.

After my unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the suitcase, we began our journey from San Jose to Pleasanton.  It was supposed to take 30 minutes.  (Supposed is the key word.)  To make another long story short, it took 2 hours!  I missed my performance on Friday night because I was sitting in traffic!

Now, lest you think it was all a loss, there were several wonderful things that came out of the weekend. 

1. I got to spend time with Stacey Mohan.  This was her 10th TOFW – she must hold the record.


2. I ate at Chili’s twice.  (It was right next to the hotel.)

3. An unexpected two-hour drive was made completely enjoyable by a wonderful couple – the Pepperman’s.  They told us stories of how they met and got engaged.  It was really fun!

4. I spent the day with 1,900 incredible women who are making a difference in the lives of everyone around them.

5. I received two gifts…both included chocolate.

6. I learned (again) that the Savior is patient with us.  He loves us and knows how hard we try.

7. I had a vanilla/orange ice cream cone that tasted like a dreamsicle.  YUMMO!

8. I didn’t sleep through my alarm clock when it went off at 3:40 am so I could catch my flight home.

9. I didn’t sneeze, cough or spontaneously combust during any of my songs.

10. I sang two songs from my new Christmas Cd – “Christmas Once Again” and “Is There Room.” 


Have a great week!  Blog to you soon,


24 Responses to “Pleasanton TOFW”

  1. Stephanie Holladay Says:

    Thanks Hilary for a wonderful weekend in Pleasanton! I am using the lyrics from one your song Who You Are to speak to a group of moms at a non-denominational gathering – looking forward to it!

  2. Stephanie Holladay Says:

    ok – so I thought I had the lyrics, I don’t – is there any way you can send them to me?? I need to have them approved by the mom in charge of this group.


  3. Stephanie Holladay Says:

    forgot to tell you the song – Who You Are

  4. mary Says:

    Breathtaking Hilary. Stunning! This must be the miracle fabric dress. It’s perfect.
    Beautiful hair, beautiful you. Simply gorgeous. (I wonder, have you ever considered that Bo Peep dress -from Women’s Conference @ BYU a few years back- for an album cover?? that was an unforgettable look too…) Any one remember that one? :)

  5. Faith Says:

    So all in all, it was a great event! I can’t wait till TOFW comes this way again! LOVE LOVE LOVE I mean LUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OVE the CD jacket when will it be released again?!?!

  6. Andrea Says:

    Sounds like a great event, despite all of the unplanned things. :D

    CD cover looks AWESOME – although, this is a different photo than the one you originally showed us! LOVE the golden dress. So pretty!!

    Looking forward to my Time Out in October!

  7. Greatest Aunt Says:

    I also really like dreamsicles! Perhaps that comes from your dad’s side of the family. Please say hello to Stacey. Hope to see her at a future tofw. You look like a beautiful queen on the CD jacket. That is not from your dad’s side. See you in St. George.

  8. Misty Says:

    You are beautiful! I LOVE the picture…is that the Miracle Dress? I was thinking it was a different color, but now I can’t remember. I love that a bunch of your highlights include food. You’re my kind of girl! Glad there were so many positives in a glitch-filled weekend. :)

  9. Nicole Says:

    Woot Woot! Love the pic and can’t wait to hear the music!

  10. Jennie Says:

    Wow Hilary, That is a great cover! You look stunning! I am glad I approved all those comments so that you posted the picture. :)

  11. Cathy Says:

    Wow! I LOVE the CD cover!! It is so elegant looking. Now I just can’t wait to hear the music! Is is Christmas yet?? :)

  12. Cheyenne Says:

    Oh my gosh……the cover is amazing!! So glad you didn’t spontaneously combust during your numbers, but that might drive sales. :)

    Can’t wait for next year’s schedule to come out to find a TOFW near me! Will you post it when it does???

    Much love,

  13. Rachael Says:

    Love the CD cover!!! Can’t wait for it to come out!! And can’t wait for TOFW in SLC!!!!! My sister and I (your BIGGEST fans!!!!) will be there to listen to you!!! You just bless our lives with so much!! And I love that you turned a hard time into a positive experience…..what a lesson we can all take from that!

  14. Trisha Gray Says:

    Loved meeting you at TFW. Was my first time and I love all your music. You are adorable and so entertaining. I just know we’d be good friends if we hung out !!!!! I have a pic of me and you on my blog:

    thanks again

  15. Angela Says:

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING HIL!! Love it!! Dani came through again! Your hair looks amazing!

    And I can’t think of two people I would rather be stuck with in traffic, than you and Kris! I am sure there was a lot of giggling too!

  16. Julie Says:

    Because you were delayed my daughters, friend and I were able to meet the “handsome” Kim Nelson who was in need of a ride to the venue from our hotel, we had a great time with him who shared info with us about you and your lovely family as well as the “lovely” Lois. We missed you Friday night, but it was a great program both days. We had a great weekend although we were hoping to party with you at the hotel Friday night! Maybe another time! Thanks for taking the time away from your family to entertain us.

  17. Laura Says:

    Thanks for taking Time Out to come and enrich our lives! Your music touches my soul and I can’t wait to hear you sing again! Keep writing and recording!

  18. Jenna Consolo Says:

    LOVE the album cover. I like this picture better than the other one where you were standing up. Lovely and classy. (as usual). And girl, you look so skinny! Can’t wait to get my hands on this album! xo!

  19. Tami Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover!! You are gorgeous!! And the new songs that I’ve heard are touching and amazing! Keep sharing your amazing talents! I can’t wait to see you at the TOFW in SLC!

  20. jennifer flake Says:

    Oh Hilary! That cover turned out perfect! Did they really photoshop that background in because you can’t tell that you are not in a dimmly lite room with candles burning and lights flickering on the walls! AMAZING job everyone!…and you look great!

    I love your attitude about how things went for TOFW….I’d have been stressed out of my mind!

    Can’t wait to hear the CD!

  21. Heather Francis Says:

    Hi Hilary! You look mahvelous. Would love to catch up. I’m living in Washington DC… me XXOO Heather

  22. Katie_Harrison Says:

    I just went to my first-ever TOFW in Richmond & loved it. You were awesome & the speakers were just what I needed. Thanks for taking time away from your family to uplift us…you were my highlight of the weekend!

  23. The Peppermans Says:

    How lucky for us to have been the ones stuck in traffic with you,Kris and her mom. We feel like we have great new friends. And to have a captive audience to tell our stories to. How lucky can we get? It was wonderful to get to know you. I hope our paths cross again soon.

  24. Tonya Says:

    Can I just say you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL on this album! Can’t wait to own it. Typically your CD is the only Christmas present I request from my hubby for the holidays, however I am not so sure I can wait that long this time! Christmas is 2 months away….thats FOREVER! Im EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!