Things You Could Do with $100…

1. You could buy 8 bags of chicken tenders or 180 muffins at Costco

2.  Depending how much you spend on a pair of jeans…you could buy five pairs or half of a pair of jeans.

3. You could go to the dollar movie one hundred times by yourself or 50 times with a guest.

4. You could fill your tank with gas…once…maybe twice. (Sad.)

5. You could buy 20 large coconut ice creams with raspberries at Maggie Moo’s.  (I’m just saying…that is simply an idea…it is one option…fine…that’s what I would do.)

Well, I am blogging today to tell you about a chance to win a $100!  Yes, A HUNDRED DOLLARS (and not just once, but multiple times)!

Some of you may know that my husband owns an online strore that Mommies love…  The good folks at Stroller Depot want to spread the word not only about the products they carry, but also the blogs, articles and videos that can help parents parent!

This is a brand new program that is just being launched and I wanted to invite you to be part of it.  Why?  Good question.  I happen to have two reasons why:

1. You and your friends will enjoy the free information available on the site.  There are all kinds of helpful articles about childhood nutrition, naptime, reading, childproofing your home, holiday traditions…and MUCH more!  Here are a few of my favorite articles:

Help Your Baby Nap Longer - you know how much I love “bedtime and naptime and bedtime and naptime…”

Speaking of “bedtime and naptime”, you can even link to my video so all of your friends and family can have a giggle.

Develop a Love for Reading is an article chuck full of ideas for helping your child learn to read.

2. I want you to be a $100 richer! 

How do you get involved?  Another good question! (Boy, you are full of good questions today.)  It is really simple.  Follow this link to learn more…but in a nutshell, you create links to your favorite articles, videos and strollers at or its sister sites (including  Then your friends and family can follow the links to learn more!

Every other week, Stroller Depot will give away 2 chances to win $100!  You can win by being the person who sends the most people to Stroller Depot or you can win through a random drawing.  The more people who visit the sites through your links, the better chance you have to win.  Each visitor you send enters your name into the drawing.

Now, if you are not a computer genius and are lacking in techno skills (like unto myself) and this seems a bit confusing, but you still want to give it a try…my husband has agreed that either he or some other smart person at Stroller Depot will give you the help you need.  Just send an email to and say “HELP!”  Leave us your contact information (phone number or email address).  Otherwise, give it a try and see if you can become $100 richer!

Click here to get started!

Blog to you soon,


6 Responses to “Things You Could Do with $100…”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Could I be the other smart person at Stroller Depot you are referring to? :)

  2. Amanda Bartel Says:

    Can I enter this contest even if I live in Canada?

  3. Jennie Says:

    Also on you can join their mailing list and be entered to win free products every month. Here s the link,

  4. tina mitchell Says:


  5. Kelli @ writing the waves Says:

    Your rendition of Favorite Things is such a crack up! I laughed so hard when I saw you perform it at a TOFW a couple years ago. So fun to see it again. I’ll have to feature it in a post and link back to the Stroller Depot site too. Very cool that you guys are doing a giveaway. I’ll try my best to send some people your way. :)

  6. Tonya Says:

    Happy Birthday to a Wonderful, talented, sweet, kind, beautiful woman, wife, mother, sister & daughter of God! I hope your day is filled with lots of loving, kisses & hugs from those beautiful girls & the man that brightens each day of your life. What’s it like to still be in your 20′s anyway….;)
    Have a wonderful day!!!

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