Have you ever had the perfect words in the perfect moment for a child or friend or spouse or knew exactly what the quilt should look like before you cut the first square?  Have you ever planned a lesson and knew precisely what the message should be or saw the painting in your mind’s eye before you ever picked up a brush?

In those moments, I believe we create through the Great creator.

Last Fall on the night before Labor Day, I was fiddling around on the piano and came up with a little musical idea.  I liked it and thought, “I’ll keep that in my back pocket to work on.” Then I went to bed I woke up at 6 am and the music idea was in my head and not only that, but I knew what the song was supposed to be about.  Instead of sleeping in a little longer, like I might normally do on a holiday, I got out of bed and went to the piano and began writing (in my pajamas.)

I am a very slow songwriter.  It takes me weeks, sometimes even months, to finish just one song.  But once in a while, it’s like Heaven opens up and sends a whole song to me.  In the 100 songs I’ve published, it’s probably happened 4 times. I am no longer the songwriter.  I become the scribe and God is the unmistakable author.

I knew I was supposed to write this song as advice from a mother or grandmother to her children. I should write it as if I was giving guidance to my daughters.  (I have all girls, no boys. But don’t feel sorry for my husband because they dote on him – like every time the girls make chocolate chip cookies, they give him the paddle from the mixer and He gets to lick the cookie dough.  He’s okay.)  So as I wrote the song, I listed every bit of advice I could possibly think of in my songwriting notebook and then phrases popped out at me and then message and the melody fell into place.

By 11 o’clock that morning, I was still in my pajamas, but I had, with the considerable help of Heaven, completed an entire song.  It’s called Love Your Life.

Here is some of the advice you’ll find in the song.  Maybe one speaks to you and you could think about it this week.  Pray about it.  Maybe write it on a sticky note and put it on your mirror.  Maybe it could be your phone’s screen saver this week.  Or you could tape it on your washing machine.  I know you’re gonna see that a lot this week.

Whichever line you choose, I hope it reminds you to Love Your Life.
• Listen to your heart as it whispers where you need to go
• Always look up
• Make somebody smile every chance you get
• Don’t forget you’re already enough
• Roll down the windows every now and then
• Give your dreams time
• Celebrate the everyday miracles surrounding you
• Always assume the best
• Do what you can, give everything that you have then give God the rest
• Pick up the phone when you’re missing home
• Don’t be afraid to shine
• Go beyond your fears
• Explore new ground
• Be true to yourself

Blog to you soon,


P.S. Watch a mini lyric video of this song by clicking here.