My pantry was just about empty, except for a few slices of bread, some cans of food and a packet or two of Ramen.  It was the end of the month so food money was in short supply…which is to say, it was gone.  I would replenish the cupboards as soon as the first day of the month hit – a few days away.  Tim and I had been married for about 8 years and we had two little girls.  There was plenty of love and fun to go around but occasionally funds were a little harder to come by.

I still remember the day, two Mormon missionaries from our ward knocked on my door.  I let them in.  It was lunch time.  I asked them if they were hungry, secretly hoping if they were, they liked PB&J or Ramen.  Turns out they were hungry and they did like peanut butter and jelly.  I made them sandwiches while thinking, “Hmmm.  This is the last of the bread.  It will be a couple of days before I can buy more.  But the right thing to do is share.”  So I did.

I taught piano lessons that afternoon.  One of my piano students showed up with a bag of piano books over her shoulder and a loaf of homemade bread in her hands.

I could hardly believe it.

And I’ll certainly never forget it.

I know it doesn’t always work out as perfectly as this.  Sometimes we go without for a lot longer than two hours.  Sometimes our need is more urgent and significant than a loaf of bread.

Sometimes we need the bread.  Sometimes we give the bread.  Sometimes our pantry is full, other times it is in need of filling.  And that goes for our check books too.  Sometimes we have extra to give and other times there just isn’t a penny to spare.

I have felt both.  Maybe you have too.

Whichever place you find yourself in today, I want to extend an invitation.

If you are in a position to give a little, I want to invite you to purchase a Love Your Life CD for someone.  We will pay the shipping and packaging costs and will send a Sponsored CD to a recipient.  If you can’t afford a Love Your Life CD right now, but would like one of your own, I invite you to email us so we can match you with a Sponsor.  Here’s what you do:


  • Click this link and purchase the CD labeled Sponsored CD ($14.98)
  • Include your email address on the order.  Put your address as the shipping address so the order will go through, but we will know that you want it sent to a recipient.
  • We will send the Sponsored CD to a recipient (a very grateful recipient, I imagine.)
  • will pay for the shipping.  Enter coupon code SPONSOR16.
  • You will receive an email from us with the first name of the recipient and a short message telling you something about them.  Tell us one or two things about you that we can share with the Recipient. Example: “I love chocolate ice cream!” or “I enjoy hiking.”  Share something you feel comfortable with us sharing with the Recipient.
  • If you order 3 or more Sponsored CDs you will receive a Love Your Life Print. (Does not include frame, or for that matter the flowers, books or golden pear…although it is cute.)
  • Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity in sponsoring a Love Your Life CD for someone!


Recipients: (U.S. requests only.)
• Email us at
• In the subject line state: Sponsored CD
• Include your first and last name and address
• Tell one or two things about you that we can share with the Sponsor.  Example: “I love to quilt!” or, “I am a mother of all boys.” or, “I grew up in Texas.”  Share something you feel comfortable with us sharing with the Sponsor.
• As soon as there is a Sponsored CD, we will send one to you.  You will receive an email from us with the first name of the Sponsor and a short message telling you something about them.

• Thank you for being brave enough to request a Love Your Life CD!

In full disclosure – I have never done something like this before.  I have no idea if it will work.  We may get 100 sponsors and no requests.  Or 100 people might request CDs and we won’t have any sponsors.  But I believe in YOU and I think it is worth a shot.  I believe we can make this happen.  We can give love and receive love and there will be plenty of both to go around…because YOU are amazing.  Let’s fill each other’s pantries, so to speak!  Let’s make sure everyone has bread!

It makes my heart happy just to think about the love that is going to begin flowing to each other.  I love being associated with you.

Blog to you soon,