And I promise I used it the morning of my Person 2 Person interview with Shauna Lake from Channel 2.  I even used hairspray, but you wouldn’t know it.  Look at my hair!


There are pieces of hair sticking out everywhere.  It looks like a bird could nest in the right side of my head.  Now, I don’t want to make a bigger deal out of this than it is, but even my mom said, “I wondered if it was just a new style?” and the words “bedhead” were included in that sentence.

On the bright side, I like the interview.  Shauna Lake asked great questions – she was totally fun and real to talk to.  Can you believe I sang at the end?  That might be crazier than my hair.

On another bright side, the interviewee before me was Steve Young!  I met him for the first time and he was really nice.  I told him I was reading his new book.  (The way I phrased that sounds like I made that up, but I really am reading it!)


(My hair looks a little less wild here.)  Let me confess…I’ve never been really good with my hair.  I do my best.  But a lot of times the Alaska girl in me combs it a little and then says, “That otta be good enough.”  And since I’m being forthright, sometimes I don’t put make-up on and I go to the grocery store!  Scandalous.

Wanna see more bad-hair-day pictures?

scan0026 scan0032hair

Admit it.  You LOVE my glasses.

Well, that is enough about hair.

Blog to you soon,