My 17 year-old daughter and I were at a small specialty store a couple weeks ago.  We were at the cash register and couldn’t help but notice a man in the back of the store.  His loud, slow voice was hard to ignore – not that we were trying to.  I couldn’t help but look his direction.  I’m not sure I’ve heard a voice quite like his before and I’m certain I won’t do it justice when I try to describe it.  It was LOUD.  It was slow – as if every word had to be coaxed out of his mouth.

I ended up needing to grab one more thing at the back of the store and this man struck up a conversation.  I strained to understand what he was saying, but I was drawn in by the huge smile on his face that communicated joy.  I noticed he had a black eye and a gash on his forehead.  I asked him what had happened.  A store employee inserted himself into the conversation and said, “He was in a car accident last night.”

“Oh wow.  I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t be,”  He said. “I’m alright.”  Then powerful words – still slow, but easy to understand – flowed from him. “We all go through difficult things.  Everybody has hard things happen to them.  What matters is what we do with those things.  They can make us better if we let them.”

There is nothing quite like being taught from someone who really knows what they’re talking about.  He was living proof of what he was teaching.

My daughter and I returned to the register and she said, “Wow. That was really cool.”

Everyday we have a choice.  We can let life get the best of us, or we can Win the Day.  So…just for today let’s…

*smile more

*be brave

*be grateful

*enjoy the little things

*believe in ourselves

*say love

*do something lasting

*make a difference  (Did you think I was going to say make dinner?)

*laugh a little


Blog to you soon,