I talk to  my plants.  They hear me.  (At least I pretend they do.)  I believe my plants like hearing they look pretty and are doing a great job of growing.  During a recent plant-whispering moment, I found a beautiful surprise!

Can you see it?


















How about now?


















There was a beautiful (and huge) moth resting in my flower pot!  It didn’t even fly away when I got closer.  I gently reached in and moved the leaves of the plant for a better view.


















The moth didn’t seemed bothered by me being there so I said, “Can you open your wings and show me how pretty you are?”  I kid you not, this beautiful creature opened it’s wings for me (and now you) to behold!


















I thought about how easy it would have been for me to miss the moth.  I might have walked right past the plant and not even noticed it nestled there.  Here comes the analogy for I cannot help myself…

I wonder how often we miss the beauty around us because we are in a hurry or we don’t take time to pause or we simply don’t notice.  We are surrounded by God’s grace, tender mercies and miracles.  Goodness is everywhere.  Beauty fills our world – it’s there, all around us, if we will look, pause, notice, appreciate.

Take 30 seconds today to reflect on the beauty you have seen and felt today.  Pull the leaves aside and look deep.  Let gratitude fill your soul and draw you close to God.  He is there.

Blog to you soon,


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