Be a Marigold!

Have you heard of companion planting?  If your guess is “Planting seeds with your bestie,” I’m afraid that’s not the right answer.  But it is a lovely thought.

Companion planting is the concept of placing plants next to each other that help one another grow and thrive.  I used to have a peach tree and I planted chives at the bottom to keep the bugs away.  Basil is good to plant next to tomatoes and sage is great near cabbage.  They support each other.

One of the best companion plants is marigolds.  Marigolds?  Ya.  They keep insects and unwanted critters away.  Marigolds don’t hog the nutrients in the soil – they share.  It is almost as if marigolds are cheering on the plants around while growing themselves.

Are you wondering if there are plants that don’t play nice with others?  There are, and we learned a little bit about it at girls camp this summer.  The opposite of marigolds is the black walnut tree.  Who wouldda guessed?  Apparently, black walnut trees have a “poison” in their bark, leaves and branches that negatively effect plants nearby.  I was mesmerized while we learned about the generous, giving, supportive nature of marigolds and the dangerous, negative effects of the black walnut tree.  I found myself wondering if I was a marigold or a walnut tree.  I really, really, really want to believe I am a marigold.  I have black walnut moments, but overall, I try to build others up, look for the good and give generously to those around me.

Speaking of giving…today is the first Friday of the month, which means I am giving away a leather cuff.  I haven’t stopped thinking about the concept of being a marigold, so I made a cuff using leather that had “flower” designs.  I know it isn’t exactly a marigold, but it is meant to be symbolic of one.  This is the cuff I am giving away today.  It is a little smaller than my other cuffs, but it would fit a normal size wrist (whatever size a normal wrist is.  This cuff is about 6 3/4″ and 7 1/4″) Here is a picture…











If you like the cuff and would love to wear it to remind you that you are a marigold, or you want to be a marigold, leave a comment here.

I made four other “marigold” leather cuffs and they are available for purchase here.

We all need marigolds around us.  I’m grateful for the ones in my life.

Blog to you soon,




24 thoughts on “Be a Marigold!”

  1. Marigolds make me happy! They line my yard as to protect my other plants and flowers from the evils of the world! They’re like the sun and share their brightness and goodness to everyone and everything!

  2. Marigolds are one of my favorite flowers from the large ones to the small ones . I always thought they protected the other flowers around them especially from insects and mosquitoes.I love their bright colors. It makes happy just to look at them. I love your cmoments about them. Now they will mean we even more to me.

  3. I love this!! We all should try and support each other and help each other grow!! What a wonderful idea!! Thank you for sharing!!! You are a great person!!

  4. I have fond memories of planting marigolds as a kid! I would love to wear it as a reminder to be a good companion (in fact I may just use your blog post in a RS lesson on Sunday!)

  5. Marigolds remind me of when I was a kid. My dad was the custodian of our ward building, and I was given the fun job of watering the marigolds and other plants around the church. Whenever I see them, that’s what I remember. Love them!!

  6. I absolutely love the sentiment of being a marigold… One who protects, lifts, and strengthens others while we work on growing ourselves. Note to self: strive to be a marigold. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Marigolds remind me of my Grandma Wendy as she always had them in her garden. I love it in summer when they are planted in the grounds of our temple here in Sydney. They always look like little rays of sunshine 🙂

  8. It’s wonderful what nature can tell us. While I was undergoing my cancer treatments there was a field of black eyed Susan’s that taught me a lot about the journey I was walking. When I was told I had cancer the doctor and nurse stepped out of the room for a moment. I was trying hard to keep it together and the Spirit told me quite boldly that this was my path to walk. The anxiety left me and pease came and that field of flowers taught me a lot . Last Sunday as I was going to church I drove past my field. There are literally thousands of flowers in the field. I bade them hello and thought how beautiful there are. A question came to my mind. Why are the so beautiful and what did that represent to me . I realized it was because they supported one another. You would be hard pressed to get another plant it that field. There were so many of them that the protected each other from the wind, they provided shade to the ones lower on the stalk. It came to me that we do the same thing in our families both at home and at church. And through these actions the beauty of Heavenly Father is seen in each of us. Those flowers make me so happy. I love the thought of the marigold as well. I would be honored to wear one

  9. I used to plant a garden and my friend shared with me her Marigold tip! I loved seeing those flowers brighten my garden. I’m striving to be a Marigold, but would love to have a reminder each day! Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. After reading this message about marigolds it helped me to see some things that can help me get through some tough trials I am going through right now. It also reminds me of many special memories of planting these flowers with my dad and grandma who are no longer with me. They were the “marigolds” for me in my life.

  11. I love this concept! Be a marigold! Helping and lifting everyone around us to thrive. What a great reminder. The bracelets are beautiful!!

  12. I love how much nature can teach us and also lift us at the same time. I learned something new about marigolds that I will never forget.
    Marigolds now remind me of service and strengthening ourselves and others. It is as we help others we grow!

  13. Hi! My name is Jodi Lewis. I first saw you perform when I was attending the Institute at Idaho State University somewhere around the year 2000. You were signing CD’s at Deseret Book afterwards. I met you and you signed my “Lead Me Home” CD. You wrote that you loved my curly hair but you guessed I was even prettier on the inside. You made my entire year! I still have that CD along with every other one you’ve done! I can’t express to you what your music has meant to me throughout my life. It seems like every song, especially those about the Savior express perfectly how I feel. I got the opportunity to see you again at Time Out for Women in Logan Utah last year and what a treat. My husband and I live in Downey Idaho with our two daughters who are ages 14 and 12 and our three boys, ages 9,6,and 4. We listen to your CD’s in our car wherever we go and I love to see my boys singing their little hearts out to your wonderful inspiring music. My 9 year old son downloaded several of your albums to his MP3 player so it could help him fall asleep at night. I’ve thought so many times over the years that I should let you know what an impact you’ve had in my life and the lives of my family and this morning I decided to finally do it! THANK YOU for your inspiring music and life. Your truly lift others up and a special thank you for lifting me personally time and time again.

  14. Amazing. I am so grateful for your blog stories, your real like blog stories. And for your stories shared through music. I am wondering how I would go about contacting you to book a personal event. Do you do small events? My name is Juli Riggs and I have a group of women that I feel you have the perfect message for. 2 years ago someone hurt my child and it tore me apart. I have been on an amazing healing journey of forgiveness over the last 2 years and have been able to forgive the man but even more than that, I have been able to forgive myself for not being the mother who was supposed to protect him. One of the things I have relied on the most is music. Music invites the spirit into my home and my heart more than anything else. Your music has been apart of that. I would love to have you some and share your gift and talent with a group of phenomenal women. Please let me know if this is possible.

    Thank you for working miracles… in my life and so many others! Much love and gratitude.

    Juli Riggs… a Sister in the Gospel!

  15. This makes me think I want to plant marigolds all over in my yard!! I have been putting in my yard on a new-build over the last few years (yes, it’s taken us THAT long!) And I don’t think I’ve ever used marigolds, so that’ll be my next project! Your story made me think about myself being a marigold or a black walnut tree, too….I had to gulp hard! I definitely could improve on this – especially with the people around me who “push my buttons!” It seems like I’m always resolving to do better and repenting! I have my “Five Words” on a mirror by my work desk, the “5 words” you inspired me to write about myself, and talk to myself with, “I am a Calm, Healthy, Compassionate, Energetic, Delightful woman!” I’ve had my husband and 4 of my chikdren do this, too! Thanks so much for being a marigold yourself!

  16. I just discovered you today, you are a marigold…and I too strive to be one but find sometimes I get rooted in being a black walnut tree from time to time. Thank you for sharing, I needed the reminder.

  17. I feel like we could be best friends Hillary! I love your positive, creative and radiant self! Youre incredibly talented and inspiring! It’s hard to find people like you! I just came across your blog and love, love it! Thanks for sharing and being you!! ❤️

  18. Hi Hilary,

    I have heard you speak/sing at several Time Out for Women events and I absolutely love you and your encouraging personality and how you uplift through through your wonderful music and songs. I work for a school district and we are currently doing a “secret marigold” (similar to secret santa) and I would love to purchase a marigold leather cuff but I am not seeing that I can purchase one here on your blog. Could you please let me know how I can go about getting one, I would appreciate it. Thank you again

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