Be a Marigold!

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Have you heard of companion planting?  If your guess is “Planting seeds with your bestie,” I’m afraid that’s not the right answer.  But it is a lovely thought.

Companion planting is the concept of placing plants next to each other that help one another grow and thrive.  I used to have a peach tree and I planted chives at the bottom to keep the bugs away.  Basil is good to plant next to tomatoes and sage is great near cabbage.  They support each other.

One of the best companion plants is marigolds.  Marigolds?  Ya.  They keep insects and unwanted critters away.  Marigolds don’t hog the nutrients in the soil – they share.  It is almost as if marigolds are cheering on the plants around while growing themselves.

Are you wondering if there are plants that don’t play nice with others?  There are, and we learned a little bit about it at girls camp this summer.  The opposite of marigolds is the black walnut tree.  Who wouldda guessed?  Apparently, black walnut trees have a “poison” in their bark, leaves and branches that negatively effect plants nearby.  I was mesmerized while we learned about the generous, giving, supportive nature of marigolds and the dangerous, negative effects of the black walnut tree.  I found myself wondering if I was a marigold or a walnut tree.  I really, really, really want to believe I am a marigold.  I have black walnut moments, but overall, I try to build others up, look for the good and give generously to those around me.

Speaking of giving…today is the first Friday of the month, which means I am giving away a leather cuff.  I haven’t stopped thinking about the concept of being a marigold, so I made a cuff using leather that had “flower” designs.  I know it isn’t exactly a marigold, but it is meant to be symbolic of one.  This is the cuff I am giving away today.  It is a little smaller than my other cuffs, but it would fit a normal size wrist (whatever size a normal wrist is.  This cuff is about 6 3/4″ and 7 1/4″) Here is a picture…











If you like the cuff and would love to wear it to remind you that you are a marigold, or you want to be a marigold, leave a comment here.

I made four other “marigold” leather cuffs and they are available for purchase here.

We all need marigolds around us.  I’m grateful for the ones in my life.

Blog to you soon,




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