I Look Like Myself

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Each week during the Sacrament, I ask God two questions:
1. Who can I love and serve this week?
2. How can I be more holy this week?

I started asking these two questions about 8 months ago and it has been one of the sweetest practices I’ve ever adopted.  During the Sacrament, as I inquire of God, I keep my journal open and a pen in hand so I can write down the inspiration I receive.  About a month ago, I was prompted to serve a woman in our stake struggling with cancer. I didn’t intentionally procrastinate, but I sure came in under the wire.  The Sunday after receiving a nudge to serve her, knowing I was going to be in her ward, I wrote her a note.  I gave it to her just before Sacrament meeting started.

I watched her during the service.  She was struggling, but her husband kept his arm around her and her sweet little boy rested his head on her arm.  It is an image I won’t soon forget.

Six days later, she passed away.

Last Sunday, just three days ago, the answer to my second question was serve.  Be available.  Be willing.  Be open.  I can be stingy with my time so I was grateful for this prompting.  I’ve had some wonderful opportunities to serve this week as a result.  Tuesday I delivered Meals on Wheels – I am a sub for our local route and someone needed me!

Today, as I pulled into a parking lot a man flagged me down and asked if I could help jumpstart his car.  I have to admit, my first thought was, “Am I on Random Acts?  Am I being filmed for a TV show to see if I’ll do a good deed?  If so, I’d better say yes.”

Ya, sadly, that is how my brain sometimes works.

After I helped him jumpstart his car, (and by “help” I mean pulled up beside him so he could do all that mechanical-car stuff.  I couldn’t even figure out how to open the hood of my car.) he said to me, “Do people ever tell you you look like Hilary Weeks?

I said, “Ya.”

Then he said, “Is it because you are?”

I said, “Ya.”

Then we parted ways.  And I giggled to myself.

All this to say, I’m happy to be serving this week and happy to know I look like myself.
Blog to you soon,

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