Lead Me Home

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Sometimes we feel Homesick.

Have you ever noticed that?

The heavenly home we came from was love.  Perfect love.  From all knowing, patient, attentive, perfect parents.  We were surrounded by light.  Every. Waking. Moment.

Is it any wonder that during our temporary separation from God, we would feel homesick?

Our souls KNOW love.  Out of love, God lets us spread our wings.  He lets us learn and try.  He cheers us on and guides us towards the choices that will make us happy.    I believe He misses us just like we miss Him.  When we feel a longing to talk to Him or connect with Him – maybe He is feeling the exact same way.  Perhaps those longings are not limited to our own hearts – perhaps His heart is yearning to be close to us too.  Homesickness just might be God’s way of reminding us that He is there, always.

The heartfelt plea of these lyrics express how we feel in a beautifully simple way.

Lead me home

Guide my path today

Fill my mind, with thoughts of Thee

Help me live

The way Thy Son would live

Light my way

Lead me home

 Heavenly Father has provided temples as a home away from our heavenly Home. We can feel and hear Him when we spend time there. We can more easily hear Him in that quiet, holy place than we can in our noisy world. In the temple, God can guide our paths and fill our minds.

Sister Jean A. Stevens said “It is in the temple that we remember who we really are and see with clarity who we really can become.”

And in the April 2019 General Conference, Elder Quentin A. Cook testified that, “President Russell M. Nelson has received profoundly important revelations relating to temples and temple work.” Isn’t that exciting!  Doesn’t that make you want to put a temple date on the calendar!?

I have created three memes inspired by “Lead Me Home” that you can print and use as handouts, screensavers, hang on your fridge. share on social media or anything else you think of!

I have also designed a temple passport just for you!  Print and assemble with your activity days girls or use as a fun project for FHE. The Young Women in your ward will love making a temple passport too!  If you don’t live near a temple (or multiple temples, like there are in Utah) you could take a tour of temples right from your computer.  Gather the kiddos around, pull up the details of a temple somewhere in the world and write about it in your passports!  A love for temples will grow in your hearts!

(Watching the “Lead Me Home” music video will add meaning and insight to the memes and temple passports!)

May each step we take bring us closer to Him.  Will He lift us when we fall?  Will he hold our hand until we are in His arms?

I believe He has, He does, He will.

Temple Passport PDF

Lead Me Home Meme

Bring Me Closer to You Meme

Give Me Strength Meme

Blog to you soon,


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