Watch the “Every Good Thing” music video!

Have you ever stared at the brilliant fall leaves and marveled at the splendid beauty?

Have you played with a baby’s toes, amazed at the miracle of something so small and perfect?

Do you love the smell of fresh cut grass or the air after rain?

Have you felt God’s utter awareness of you in a moment when only He could have known what you were feeling and exactly what you needed?

Life is beautiful. We are surrounded by simple pleasures and resplendent miracles. If we keep our eyes and hearts open we will find them everywhere, every day. Even on rainy days we can appreciate dew drops on leaves, freshly washed pavement and the promise of blue skies to come.

I invite you to find something extraordinary in the ordinary today. Whether big or small, pay attention to how it makes you feel as you recognize something good. Does your heart expand and soften a little? Does it make you want to see more good things?

Always keep your chin up and your eyes open and you’ll find every good thing.

Blog to you soon!


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Watch the “Every Good Thing” music video!

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