That’s Who I Am

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The inspiration for “That’s Who I Am” had something to do with a movie about a horse.

But I’ve forgotten which movie it was.

Was it Secretariat? Or Dreamer? Oh heck, I can’t remember.

But I do remember a song at the end of the movie. It was anthem-like and very inspiring. (Don’t hate me, but I can’t remember the name of the song either. Maybe I need to look into brain/memory function supplements.) The song moved me – so much so that I wanted to write a song in the same inspirational style.

Certain songs have the power to give us wings, to pull out the best in us and to ignite the flame of purpose and motivation in our souls. The pressures and stress of the world combined with self-doubt can smother that flame. Those songs remind us we can accomplish what we set our minds to and to be proud of every step we take towards reaching our goals.

I wanted to write that song.

About that same time, The Biggest Loser was a popular tv show and I loved watching it! Don’t laugh, but I wanted to write a song that could be used on their show. Like a theme song. I could imagine the contestants striding towards the gym for their workout, each wearing their team t-shirt, my song playing in the background. Dripping with sweat and exhausted from their 5th treadmill work out of the day, they’d be desperate to quit, but no! The song would inspire them to push through leg cramps, aching lungs and – keep going.

Well…I wrote the song but The Biggest Loser didn’t pick it up. Apparently producers have to actually hear the song. And since I don’t know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who could pitch the song, the producers of The Biggest Loser never heard it.

But the song is good. Actually, it’s great! (If I do say so myself.) Practically every line is a sermon in motivation. Any number of the lyrics could be cross-stitched and hung on the wall to inspire. The melody combined with the message is capable of shattering limits and heightening self-confidence.

It’s a great song to work out to, even if Jillian and Bob are not there.

I hope it will remind you that the future is bright, you are strong, your story is still being written and it’s time to start flying.

Blog to you soon,

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