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Hilary Weeks

Thanks for making your way to this page! I’m happy to share a few things about myself but if you want to know the truth, I would rather be talking about you. But be forewarned, I would ask you a lot of questions. I tend to do that. Even though I am a bit of an introvert, I love learning about people. I love hearing stories and imagining what it would be like to feel and experience the things someone else does. That’s what inspires me to write. I feel drawn to unlocking and expressing the feelings of the heart through music.

I also feel drawn to coconut – in any form. Ice cream, cake, candy bars, shrimp (you know…coconut shrimp with that yummy pina colada dipping sauce. Oh my. I’d better stop before I drool on the keyboard.)

I’ve been married to Tim for 27 years and still think he is totally babelicious. (Definition: Possessing or displaying attributes of a hunk or stud while simultaneously exhibiting patience, kindness and genuine concern for others. Oh, and smart. Like really smart.)

I have four amazing daughters. Nope, no sons. I don’t know what I’m missing out on by not having a boy, but I have to tell ya, I sure am crazy about my girls. Wouldn’t change a thing. (Other than their bed making habits. Those are lacking.) We love to laugh, explore, eat and just be together.

Speaking of children, sometimes my CDs feel a little like children in that they consume my thoughts, energy, creativity and I hope they add good to the world. With the release of Love Your Life, I will have “birthed” 11 CDs. (Can you say that about a CD?) The Every Step and Say Love and Love Your Life CDs all charted in the top ten on the Christian Billboard Charts. (Proud “mama” moment.) My hope is that the music brings you hope, peace, comfort, smiles, added faith and a reminder that God knows and loves you. He does. I promise.

Oh, there is so much more I want to tell you. I guess we will have to continue this through the blog and newsletter. I’ll sum up by saying I love family time, alone time, meal time and bed time. (Give me eight hours of sleep, please!). I try to put God first in my life because He makes everything else fall into place. And because I love Him.

If we ever get a chance to chat, my first question will be…What are three words you’d use to describe yourself. Be thinking!

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