Every Good Thing

Watch the “Every Good Thing” music video! Have you ever stared at the brilliant fall leaves and marveled at the splendid beauty? Have you played …

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He’ll Carry You

Click HERE to watch “He’ll Carry You” music video In 2 Nephi chapter 25 there are beautiful references to believing in Christ. “…they shall be …

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I almost always include a song on each of my albums that I didn’t write.  The reason being, it add a flare and spice to …

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Not Too Far From Here

There are extroverts and introverts.  Extroverts are outgoing, overtly expressive people.  They tend to be sociable and love talking to others.  They draw energy from …

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Lead Me Home

Sometimes we feel Homesick. Have you ever noticed that? The heavenly home we came from was love.  Perfect love.  From all knowing, patient, attentive, perfect …

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Dancing in the Rain

I wrote my first song when I was fourteen. A friend gave me a poem about…friendship. Innovative, I know. I decided to try my hand …

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