Brave Courage

You Are Meant to be Brave

Some days are just hard.  We feel discouraged and overwhelmed.  At times the weight of our burdens can make us feel hopeless.  We are trying …

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Be present blog post

Be Present

When my daughter Meg was a sophomore in high school, she came home one day and told me about a conversation between two teachers.  They …

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3 Ways to Be a Better Listener

The skill of listening is as valuable as the crust around an apple pie and as important as sunscreen at the pool – but it’s …

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Every Good Thing

Watch the “Every Good Thing” music video! Have you ever stared at the brilliant fall leaves and marveled at the splendid beauty? Have you played …

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He’ll Carry You

Click HERE to watch “He’ll Carry You” music video In 2 Nephi chapter 25 there are beautiful references to believing in Christ. “…they shall be …

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I almost always include a song on each of my albums that I didn’t write.  The reason being, it add a flare and spice to …

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