Carolyn Can


Dear Friends, I have a big favor to ask.  I'm going to ask it right up front and then explain why.  I have a dear friend named Carolyn who is going through cancer for the

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Win the Day


My 17 year-old daughter and I were at a small specialty store a couple weeks ago.  We were at the cash register and couldn't help but notice a man in the back of the store. 

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I Own a Comb. I Really Do.


And I promise I used it the morning of my Person 2 Person interview with Shauna Lake from Channel 2.  I even used hairspray, but you wouldn't know it.  Look at my hair! There are pieces

I Own a Comb. I Really Do.2017-12-06T11:56:13-07:00

Diving vs Performing


I've been that little girl before, sans the lime swim cap and pink plaid suit.  My thighs have never been quite that dainty either, if we want to get technical.  But I have stood on

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Give a CD to Someone in Need


My pantry was just about empty, except for a few slices of bread, some cans of food and a packet or two of Ramen.  It was the end of the month so food money was

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How I Wrote Love Your Life


Have you ever had the perfect words in the perfect moment for a child or friend or spouse or knew exactly what the quilt should look like before you cut the first square?  Have you

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Lessons from Braided Bread


(This blog was originally posted January 2012) I just learned that I spent three years on someone’s “to do” list. That has to be some kind of record somewhere. (Anyone have a Guinness Book handy?)

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Killer Hill


(This blog was originally posted June, 2012) Killer Hill. It’s about a half mile from our house and it is as bad as it sounds. Not because there are criminals lurking in the bushes, but

Killer Hill2017-12-06T11:56:13-07:00

Not Again!


(This blog was originally posted January 2010) Oh yes…again. It has happened once more – I have cut a tag out of my clothing that makes no sense. (It’s not like I’m trying to come

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