Diving vs Performing

I’ve been that little girl before, sans the lime swim cap and pink plaid suit.  My thighs have never been quite that dainty either, if …

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Give a CD to Someone in Need

My pantry was just about empty, except for a few slices of bread, some cans of food and a packet or two of Ramen.  It …

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How I Wrote Love Your Life

Have you ever had the perfect words in the perfect moment for a child or friend or spouse or knew exactly what the quilt should …

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Lessons from Braided Bread

(This blog was originally posted January 2012) I just learned that I spent three years on someone’s “to do” list. That has to be some …

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Killer Hill

(This blog was originally posted June, 2012) Killer Hill. It’s about a half mile from our house and it is as bad as it sounds. …

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Not Again!

(This blog was originally posted January 2010) Oh yes…again. It has happened once more – I have cut a tag out of my clothing that …

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