April 2020 General Conference Booklet and Positive Affirmations Combo


Study General Conference with purpose, intention and focus.  Take notes, record favorite quotes and create personal action items for each talk.  This booklet is sure to become a personal treasure.

Plus, who doesn’t need an encouraging word now and then…and this set of positive affirmations is brimming with just the faith, motivation and inspiration you need!  You’re gonna love this combo!

IMPORTANT: In order to save you shipping costs, all products purchased in the same order as the General Conference booklets will ship at the same time as the booklets (beginning of May.)  More information below in the description.

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IMPORTANT: The General Conference Thoughts and Take-aways booklets and Positive Affirmations will be shipped at the beginning of May**


Inspired by the 2019 Live All In songs, these 24 playful, bright and cheerful designs are sure to delight!  Display on your kitchen table, bathroom counter top, nightstand or just about any nook in your home or office!  We all need inspiration and regular reminders that we matter and that we are making a difference!

Cards measure 3″x 4″ and come with a knotty alder wood base


We read the General Conference talks.  We highlight and underline.  We listen again and again.  But then what?

This beautiful booklet is designed to help us gather our thoughts and take-aways AFTER conference. There is a spread for every message given during the April 2020 General Conference!  Record your top three take-aways, favorite quote, set a plan of action and journal about each talk. Easily refer back to the things you love about each message.  The spiral bound workbook measures 6″ x 8″ – perfect for your scripture bag, purse, nightstand, etc.

General Conference is a feast of inspiration and now you can break it down into your very own bite-size pieces.  This booklet will become a treasured collection of insights, quotes and goals that you’ll refer to over and over.

Be sure to remember your family and friends as you place your order – they will love one too!

**At the end of April 2020 General Conference the names of speakers, titles of talks and pertinent information will be added to the booklet.  For this reason, the booklet does not ship right away.

In order to save you shipping costs, all products ordered with the General Conference booklets will ship at the same time as the booklets (beginning of May.)

Please email any questions you may have to information@hilaryweeks.com.


“Using the conference journal to study, has allowed the principles that are taught to sink deep into my heart.  It forces me to do more than just a cursory study.  It also gives me a place to organize and record impressions and thoughts. To forever have a great reference.  Thank you for that!” – Cindy

“Our study group LOVES the General Conference booklets – THANK YOU!!! It makes us so excited to dive into all the talks.” – Kathy

“I am SOOO excited about the conference books.” – Karen



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