Discovering Purpose: A Guided Workbook for Finding Your Purpose in this Season of Life

“This book goes beyond merely thought provoking.  I love that it is a hands-on guidebook – like a friend or mentor sitting next to you, directing the journey.” ~ Christin

You absolutely have a purpose. But how do you discover and act on it? I’ve asked that question many times. As life circumstances have changed, I’ve sought to know what my purpose is for that season. Maybe you have felt the same way. Maybe you feel that way now and you’re ready to discover your purpose.

This step-by-step guide will help you:

  • believe you have a purpose
  • identify your gifts and explore possibilities
  • prepare to receive personal revelation
  • discover your purpose and how to fulfill it
  • create your definition of success
  • overcome obstacles and stay determined

Each of the 23 chapters combines humor with insightful tools and ideas.  Weaved throughout are glimpses from the lives of people who were and are fulfilling their purposes.  The workbook exercises are designed to feel like an inspiring, peaceful ascent to a beautiful summit – the perfect blend of challenging and breathtaking.

The book includes original artwork by Kenzie Jo Roth as well as access to bonus music and videos that pair thematically with each chapter.

You have an important work to do and this book will be your guide to discovering it!

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