Live All In 2019 CD


New CD! Enjoy 12 songs previously released in 2019 exclusively through the Live All In monthly subscription.   Plus 4 BONUS tracks that you are sure to love, love, love.  This is the first time these faith-building, inspirational songs have been available on CD!

Songs include:

  • Be Where You Are
  • At the Same Time
  • I am the Storm
  • Even in the Silence
  • Sunrise to Sunrise
  • What God Wants
  • All In
  • Back to Me
  • Fragile
  • Someday Down the Road
  • More Mistakes to Make
  • I Was Wrong

Watch the music video for “At the Same Time” 

Watch the music video for “I Am the  Storm”

BONUS Tracks:

  • For You – Exclusive release 
  • This is Grace – Exclusive release
  • In Humility Our Savior
  • Our Savior’s Love

Want the sheet music, karaoke, coloring page, song study, printables and lyrics for each song? Click HERE to become a member of Live All In!  (Not available for bonus tracks.)

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