The Funniest Thing Happened While I Shared My Testimony…

I love girl’s camp.  I’ve loved it ever since attending as a Beehive where we dug latrines and boiled water from the river so it was clean enough to drink.  I loved it as a Mia Maid when we hiked six miles to our campsite with packs full of freeze dried food.  I loved it as a Laurel as we laughed harder planning our skits than we did acting them out.  As a leader, I love watching the young women experience the love of God in the middle of His creations.

And I love testimony meeting by the campfire – it is the highlight of the whole week.  The campers are smelly and dirty and we share tender moments that brought us closer to the Creator.  It’s always the best part of camp.

I just got back from girl’s camp last week.  It was the best one I’ve ever been to.  I loved every minute of hiking, eating, crafting, laughing and learning. It rained a bit each day, but the sun always won out and even though we were soaked to the bone on one occasion, we were dry an hour later, thanks to the July heat.  An hour or two before our campfire testimony meeting was to take place, the rain threatened to visit again.  But we started anyway.  There is always that awkward pause waiting for the first person to stand up and say a few things.  I figured I’d relieve the silence and go first.

Not too far into my comments, I felt something drop on my head.  I thought to myself, “Is that a raindrop?  It feels more substantial than a drop of rain and the clouds have cleared.”  Then it occurred to me to look up.  I was standing under an aspen tree.  I used to like aspen trees.  A dozen branches up, there was a tiny bird.  I used to like tiny birds.  That tiny bird in the aspen tree had just…how do I say this…had just pooped on my head!  The dropping somehow navigated its way through all the leaves of the aspen and landed on my unwashed-for-three-days camp hair!  Once I realized what had happened, I leaned my head forward and asked, “Did a bird just poop on my head?!!!????!!!!!!????!?!”

The other campers confirmed the bird had indeed used my head as a lavatory and laughter erupted.  I yelled, “Somebody get me some paper towel and a camera!”  My daughter came to my rescue with paper towel and another Mia Maid snapped a picture.  We laughed more.  Once the clean-up was done and the laughter had settled, I said aloud, “Now, where was I?”  Before I could jump back into my comments, one of the leaders said, “I hope you girls noticed how Sister Weeks handled this situation.  She didn’t get embarrassed, she just laughed along with us.”  It was a kind-hearted comment and it gave me a little extra courage to finish my testimony.

As I reflected on that hilarious, but potentially mortifying situation, a light bulb came on in my head and my heart.  I realized the reason I wasn’t completely red-faced after bird droppings fell on my head in front of EVERYONE during a vulnerable moment was because they love me and I know it.  I was surrounded by love.  Not one of the young women, leaders, Bishopric members or their wives were laughing at me.  I’m confident not a single person was happy it happened to me or thought I was getting my due.  I was in a circle of people who care about me and I care about them.  Only love  and kindness existed there.  I was safe.  Safe to laugh, safe to have something embarrassing happen and not be embarrassed, safe to continue with heart-felt thoughts.  And it was all because of love.

I feel grateful to live among people who love deeply.  I hope I offer that same type of love in return.

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  1. Katie (Stastny) Curtis July 21, 2017 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    I also spent last week at girls camp and was thinking about the many unique experiences we had as YW in Alaska… including latrine digging, shower lashing, and the most hilarious (to us) skits on the planet. Long live the ice worm!! But you hit the nail on the head: it’s the LOVE we feel for and from one another, and for our savior, that is universal at girls camp. Thanks for the memories ❤️

  2. Karen Johnson July 21, 2017 at 3:31 pm - Reply

    Such fun, awkward moments!! Girls Camp was always my favorite thing to do also!! Spent about 25 years helping to make it a success for lots of young women!! Thank you, Hilary for adding to the fun!!!

  3. Juliann July 21, 2017 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    Those girls are going to remember that forever, with that beautiful lesson to laugh at ourselves and overcome things. Girls camp is seriously the BEST thing, as camp leader, yw pres and mom I’ve been blessed to go many times. It’s always uplifting and strengthening.
    Thank you for sharing!! And thank you for shining your light!

  4. Barb hammond July 23, 2017 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    You just had me go down memory lane. It has been year since I attended as a YW, but the lasting memories we forever be a part of my life because we shared laughter, love and testimonies. I truly loved my leaders then. And over the years when I have been a leader I share their legacy with the YW today. Loved how “bird poop” will be a forever memory for those girls too!

  5. Michelle Warner Klvacek July 23, 2017 at 7:07 pm - Reply

    I totally enjoyed reading this blog entry. I am one of the lucky ones that knew Hilary when she was a Beehive. The girls camp that I remember the most was probably Hilary’s first and my last. We back packed into Alaskan wilderness, where we had our food for the week dropped by an airplane once we reached our campsite. Every step of our way, we intentionally made enough noise to scare bears away. We were supposed to help extend a trail, but I chose to stay behind during the service project and wash my hair in a lake. While doing so, a fish actually bit my big toe! I remember wearing a hanker chief for a hat because it seemed to keep mosquitoes away, and wearing feminine pads under back pack straps to cushion the weight. Every memory pales in comparison to attending a girls camp testimony meeting. Hilary is right. It was always the highlight of the experience.

    The message of coping with compromising situations with humor and composure is surely applicable to everyone. Whether surrounded by friends or strangers, Hilary’s testimony, talent, and humor always wins out.

    Love you, Hilary!

  6. DeAnn Brown July 25, 2017 at 1:57 am - Reply

    “Remember the time that bird pooped on Sister Weeks’ head?” Thanks for sharing, you taught many valuable lessons by your example. I still hear “remember the time when Sister Brown walked into the glass door?”. I’m so thankful for our Father’s organizations and the opportunities we are given to help each other despite the challenges that come our way. I loved my many years of serving in young women’s because of the dear friends and memories made along the way.

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