Women’s gathering designed to help you uncover your best self and

live a life you love.

The Love Your Life Gathering is designed to set and keep you on a path of intentional living. It is founded on the idea that you have the choice and ability to live a life you love.

During each tri-annual gathering, we focus on six core principles:

Personal Growth
Embracing the Unexpected

We will walk through vital and meaningful questions while nestled amidst breathtaking views – perfect for mindfulness and inspiration. This impactful experience, filled with insight, music, scripture and personal experiences is the ideal gathering for women who are looking for a space to reflect, set goals and live with intention.

This event helped me engage in a way that was so tangible and practical. The reflections and questions were very instrumental in helping me think deeper spiritually.

Sometimes you have to stop and be reminded that YOU have the power to Love Your Life!

Jani, Utah

This is the perfect experience for you if:

a.) You want quiet time to focus and plan the next four months of your life.
b.) You love learning from the scriptures and being uplifted by beautiful music.
c.) You need an excuse to avoid a day’s worth of washing, folding and putting away laundry.
d.) You are striving to be the best version of yourself.
e.) All of the above.

This has helped me stretch myself in so many great areas! I wouldn’t have come up with these ways for growth on my own any time soon.

An incredible experience you cannot find anywhere else! I’ll be coming back!

Angela W., California

A time to listen to your heart, look up and live authentically.

May 2019

Join us in May in beautiful Woodland Hills, Utah! Choose one of four available Summertide sessions below:

Thursday Morning – May 9, 2019
Friday Morning – May 10, 2019
Friday Evening – May 10, 2019
Saturday Morning – May 11, 2019

Emily Belle Freeman

Emily Belle Freeman is a coach’s wife, mother to five children and a few others who have found refuge in her home, author of several bestselling books, and sought-after inspirational speaker.  Her days are spent watching over teenagers, her flock of pampered chickens, and a rabbit that she adores.  She finds great joy in studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a desire to find their application in everyday life.  Her favorite activities include parades, vacations, firework displays, and going for a long walk with a good friend.


Hilary Weeks

Hilary Weeks was born in Colorado and raised in Alaska. She loves digital scrapbooking, exercise, trying new recipes, spending time with family and anything with coconut in it.  She has released eleven solo albums, her latest being Love Your Life. In 2012 Hilary became the first LDS songwriter to chart on the Christian Billboard charts with Every Step, breaking the top ten at #6. Say Love followed suit by charting at #9 and Love Your Life at #7.  Hilary met her husband Tim while he was serving a mission in Alaska and they now reside in Woodland Hills, Utah, with their four daughters.