Leather Cuff Give-away June 2

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This post is birthed from a very random thought I had this morning on the way to pick up my daughter from tennis.

The radio was off.

The car was quiet.

Thoughts were floating through my head like a leaf down a slow-moving stream, when this one stuck. “I want to do more good in the world.”  I began exploring how I could do that.  What could I do to brighten someone’s day?  What resources could I share? By the time I reached the tennis courts, I had an idea.  THE idea.

Last Fall I learned how to make adorable cuffs using up-cycled leather belts.  It was exhilarating to learn a new skill.  I love cutting the leather, attaching the snaps and best of all…I love stamping inspirational phrases on metal to motivate the wearer.  (Is wearer a word?)  Actually, one of my favorite parts of the process is finding the leather belts at second-hand stores.  When I find a belt with character and charm it feels a little like Christmas morning.

I have made a couple hundred leather cuffs now, and I have had so much fun!  I started selling them on my website and they were a big hit.  Next, I decided to do something I had never done – host a booth at a boutique.  I sold the leather cuffs at two different boutiques last Fall and they were well received there too!  I love wearing jewelry that reminds me to reach my potential, keep going and continue dreaming.  Maybe you do too.

So today, I hereby announce that I will do a little good in the world by giving away one of these beautiful leather cuffs each month!  On this inaugural day of June 2, 2017 the cuff I choose to share is…

Give away June 2















Isn’t the saying perfect for Summer!!  With the kids out of school and the smell of sunscreen in the air, you are ready to make the most of each day.  And every time you reach down to pick up the wet  pool towels that the kids leave on the laundry room floor, you’ll see this cuff on your wrist and you’ll smile.  (Which might even inspire you to refrain from yelling at the kids for leaving their towels on the floor, their cereal bowls in the sink and their shoes all over the house.  I speak from experience.)

So…if this cuff speaks to you and it would make you happier than a bird with a French fry, then leave a comment on this Facebook post link.  Whatever comment you want.  You could even leave a SHORT reason why this cuff is for you.  (Emphasis on short.  Haha.)

Blog too you soon!


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