Not Too Far From Here

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There are extroverts and introverts.  Extroverts are outgoing, overtly expressive people.  They tend to be sociable and love talking to others.  They draw energy from being around people.  Introverts are typically a little more shy and reticent.  Crowds make them nervous and uncomfortable.  They feel drained after having social interactions.

Which are you?

I think I’m somewhere in the middle-ish.  I’m an introvert who works at being extroverted.  I like time to myself but also enjoy being around others.  It makes me nervous to go to a party, but once I get there, I find the interactions fun and fulfilling.  I guess I’m an inbetweentrovert.  (Should we declare that a word?)

Last year I pulled into the grocery store parking lot.  There was a car parked in the spot directly in front of me and the driver – a gal in her early 20’s – was still sitting at the wheel.  I started to get out of the car when I had the thought, “Give her the Love Your Life CD laying on the passenger seat.”

My humble, obedient, inbetweentroverted response was, “What the? No way!  I’m NOT doing that.  That is so embarrassing.”

But then the nudge came again.  I knew I couldn’t enjoy buying milk and eggs if I ignored what I knew to be the Spirit speaking to me.

I hesitantly picked up the CD, walked over to her car and when she looked up at me, I motioned to her window, hoping she would open it.  She did.  I had no clue what to say, so I just had to be honest and speak from my heart.

“I hope I didn’t scare you by walking up to your car.  I never do this and frankly, I feel a little awkward, but…I am a songwriter and I happened to have this CD in my car and I felt like I should give it to you.  I know that is weird.  But maybe you need to hear one of these songs – maybe there is a song on this CD that is meant for you?”

Her reaction was sweet and so very kind.  She graciously thanked me and accepted the CD from the weird lady in the parking lot.  Then I carried on with my errand.

It isn’t easy to reach out to others.  We hesitate.  We question.  We worry.  But when we help and lift the best we know how, lives are blessed and the world is better.

Whether we are an introvert or an extrovert, I hope “Not Too Far From Here” reminds us of the good we can do and the love that is so needed.  I hope it reminds us not to rest while others weep and not to turn away from pain.  Because…someone is waiting not too far from here.

Blog to you soon,


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