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I almost always include a song on each of my albums that I didn’t write.  The reason being, it add a flare and spice to the album that I couldn’t have contributed myself.  When I heard the song “Unwritten,” I knew immediately I wanted to sing it.  It is beautiful and it spoke to my heart.  One of the co-writers of the song was Marie Reynolds.  She never heard the song recorded because at the age of 44 she died of a brain tumor.  One day I received an email from Marie’s father.  He had heard my recording of Marie’s song and wanted to share this story.

He told me Marie’s last operation was in 2001 and the story told by the attending anesthesiologist is that when Marie was wheeled into the operating room, she was introduced to the medical personnel as a “singer/ songwriter.”  Someone then asked if she would sing one of her songs.

Marie said, “Okay, I will sing the story of my life.”

And she sang Unwritten.

The anesthesiologist said a silence came over the room which was normally very noisy.  When she finished, there were tears in the eyes of some of the professionals who see life and death battles every day. Someone asked, “How can this woman, having a second brain surgery, praise God for all he has done for her?”  The anesthesiologist told them Marie said God was in control. When the surgeon who would perform this operation came into the room he was surprised at the abnormal quiet and it was the talk of the hospital for days.

Marie’s father and mother had the blessing of being with her for the last 11 weeks of her life. She never faltered in her faith and until the end said, “God is in Control.”

What a beautiful way to live life – full of trust.  Full of gratitude for God’s goodness.  May the message of this song remind you of the places God has kept you from – the experiences you haven’t had to go through.  We worship a merciful, loving, generous Father who loves us and lets us write our stories, travel the roads we choose and all the while keeps us in His grace.

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