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Be Present

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When my daughter Meg was a sophomore in high school, she came home one day and told me about a conversation between two teachers.  They were discussing a student that was focused and present.  He was always “there.”  He participated.  He answered questions and was glad to be in class.  They said, “He always is where he is.”

That hit me hard.

I don’t always live like that.  Sometimes I have one eye on my computer and one eye on the messy kitchen.  I have one ear to my phone and the other ear half-listening to a conversation with my daughter.  I do the laundry while worrying about the dishes.  I do the dishes while stressing about checking email.  I think about what needs to be done at home while eating at a restaurant.  I worry about the future when I should be enjoying a perfectly wonderful present.

Often my attention is split.  I lose sight of being in the moment.  I forget to embrace the here and now.

Do you do that?

It is easy to get distracted by life.  At times we lose focus on what and who is most important.  These lyrics from “If I Only Had Today” ring true.

There’s no time like the present

Life doesn’t come with any guarantees

The sun will set and time won’t wait

So while I have today

I’ll hold you and listen

I’ll let the dishes sit in the sink

I’ll tell you I love you over and over

For once I’ll just let the phone ring

And I’ll remind you of forever

And how our love will never change

Because I have today

Wouldn’t it be great if we were described by those we love as someone who “was focused and present.  Someone who was always there.  Someone who participated.”

But here is the truth.  We can be that person.  We might already be doing better than we think.  It just takes some self-awareness and maybe a couple small adjustments.  I want to invite you to spend a little time considering how you spend your time.  What is your engagement like with family and friends?  Is there something you could do to feel more present and alive in the moment?

Turn on some soft music.  Pull out your journal.  Take three deep, cleansing breaths and then write.  Think about those questions and also let your heart guide this moment.  Write about being present and what you want to do to really live in the moment.

You got this.

Blog to you soon,


Need some inspiration to get started?  Watch the “If I Only Had Today” music video.  That should do the trick.

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