Brave Courage

You Are Meant to be Brave

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Some days are just hard.  We feel discouraged and overwhelmed.  At times the weight of our burdens can make us feel hopeless.  We are trying to do our best – there is no doubt about that.  And we wonder when we are going to catch a break so we can catch our breath.  It can feel like all the good we are attempting to do is being thwarted and giving up seems like a valid option.

I’ve felt like that at times.  We all have.

My mom used to tell me to “Keep my chin up!”  Simple but good advice.  When our gaze is heavenward, we remember we are not alone.  God knows.  He is there – even when we aren’t sure.  He truly is.  He is working behind the scenes – supporting, loving, guiding.

President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “God will always make a way where there is no way.”  In the moments when you don’t feel brave, just remember that God is preparing a way.  There are answers, hope and peace around the corner.

Courage is not fearlessness. It doesn’t mean not being afraid. It means learning to do things despite your fear. Courage can be learned. You can take small steps to practice being brave.

Courage involves trusting yourself and believing in yourself. And most of all, believing that God will help you be successful as you try, work and put forth effort.

We are meant to be brave.  We have important things to do that matter.  Being brave means having courage and pressing forward in the face of fear, disappointment and struggle.  You are brave – I guarantee it.  Whatever challenge might be in front of you right now, know that you can overcome.  You can rise up to become the person you are meant to be.  Keep going – one step at a time.

If you need a little kick start, watch the “Brave” music video!

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