It’s a Good Day to Have a Good Day

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Elsa made a pretty good point when she said, um, sang “let it go.”

I get chills when I watch that part of “Frozen.”  Not because I’m moved, but because Elsa is running around in a blizzard without moon boots, earmuffs, a down coat or winter gloves!!!  That’s insane!  I’m shivering just thinking about it.

Letting it go is easier said than done.

Some things in life are out of our control.  The traffic light might turn red when we are running late.  They may not have the pair of shoes in our size.  The chemo may not work.  They might leave the church.

The things we can’t control can seriously disrupt our peace of mind, like an ocean wave washing over a carefully constructed sand castle.  Sudden changes can make us feel insecure and unsafe.  We like guarantees.  We want consistency.  We want to know there is going to be milk in the jug.  (I hate when I pour a bowl of cereal only to find out the milk is gone.)  We want to know it’s going to be a good day.

Take Kenzie’s wedding day, for example.

May 23, 2019.

May 23rd is almost June.  It’s practically summer.  The average temperature in Utah that time of year is between 67 and 78 degrees and rarely drops below 53 degrees.


Wrong.  On the day Kenzie  and Brady got married it was 51 and raining.  So cold!  The wind was blowing, our noses were red and running and taking pictures outside took as much commitment and fortitude as being the first person to walk to the pulpit during testimony meeting!

I may wake up to a sky full of sunshine

Or maybe it will rain, rain, rain

True that.













But look how happy they are.  What’s a little (or a lottle) rain on your wedding day?

Right before this photo, we set down our umbrellas and took off our winter coats (well if that isn’t the kettle calling the teapot black.  Sorry Elsa.)

Look at all those smiles!

There was nothing we could do about the rain and the wind – but there was plenty we could do to get through it and look past it.

There may be a bump or two in the road today

Could be even more, more, could be even more

I’ll keep moving, I won’t stop no matter what

’cause you see, I believe, its up to me

Its all up to me

There are plenty of things we can’t control in life:

  • the toilet paper supply at Costco
  • the weather
  • the future
  • the past
  • other people’s choices and decisions
  • the happiness of others

And yet there are plenty of constants in our lives too – things we can count on no matter what:

  • God knows and loves us
  • God understands and is in control
  • We have agency
  • We get to choose our attitude and perspective
  • Brownies, chocolate chip cookies and salted caramels supplying the food equivalent of peace.

Consider the “let it go’s” in your life right now.  What can you loosen your grip on and hand over to heaven?  Is there something that is beyond your control that you could let go and let God?  He has been managing tricky, complicated, impossible situations for a lot longer than you and I have.  I know that isn’t easy, yet often it is the pathway to increased peace in our lives.  Could you turn your attention to the things you do have control over and focus on the people and truths you can rely on?

I know you can.

And I know if you will, it really will be a good day.

Blog to you soon,


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