Holiday Happy List

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Holiday Happy List PDF.pdf

The 2020 holidays may not be what we are used to – we probably won’t be gathering with family and friends in the same way.

That makes me kinda sad.

Traditional celebrations may not be what we would have hoped for after a taxing year.

That makes me kinda sad too.

Our family needed to approach the holidays in a new way since many of our typical traditions won’t work this go around. We still needed activities and things to look forward to that were simple, inexpensive and fit into the parameters of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, I created the Holiday Happy List for our family. We are going to choose activities from this list to keep us feeling happy and hopeful. (There are more than enough to keep us entertained for the next couple of months and even into the new year!)

Maybe you’d like the list too? It isn’t fancy – I just created it in an Excel spreadsheet. No cute designs or elements – but lots of good ideas. And I divided the activities according to the amount of time they take.

Click the link below to download the list of ideas!

Holiday Happy List PDF.pdf

Let’s keep the holidays happy and hopeful! We got this!



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