Sunrise to Sunrise

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The idea for the song “Sunrise to Sunrise” came to me long before I actually wrote it.  I scribbled the title in my songwriting notebook, then it sat untouched for at least six months – collecting songwriting dust.

I didn’t attempt writing the song because I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to say.  I liked the title, but I wasn’t clear on what it meant.  Tip: Ya kinda hafta know what a song is about before you can write it. Otherwise it’s like gathering random ingredients for a casserole, without a recipe for what you’re cooking.

As the idea simmered in my mind, the concept began to formulate.  I finally knew what I wanted to say.

I wanted the song to be about staying focused on things that matter even though they are repetitive and often seem insignificant.  The song needed to say, “Keep going!  What you are doing matters.  Your daily efforts may seem monotonous and inconsequential – but they are actually the most powerful producers of the good things in life!”

I hope to remind us not to live too far in the future and to appreciate the incredible things that are happening right now – while living life one day at a time.  Or, in other words, sunrise to sunrise.


I wanna soak up every moment

Do the little things in front of me

They’re adding up to something bigger

Even if it’s hard to see


Think about it…brushing our teeth isn’t necessarily heroic.  But if we were to stop, it wouldn’t take long for stinky breath and cavities to take over.  Ew.  Just imagine what would happen if we didn’t sweep the kitchen floor for a year.  (There’d probably be enough “ingredients” for that casserole we were talking about earlier.)

The little, consistent things really do matter.

We have to remember that.


Moving from day to day ‘cause that’s what it’s gonna take

To get to where I want to go

And it then dawns on me

It’s the ordinary things that always seem to matter most


So keep doing all the incredibly wonderful, unforgettably amazing, fantastically important things you do.

Keep sending those uplifting, encouraging texts to the people that “pop” into your mind.

Keep making meals for the family.

Continue saying your prayers and reading God’s word.

Carry on with the laundry, vacuuming, emails, diaper changes, carpool, errands, family home evening, phone calls, sewing, notes, hugs, kisses, compliments, shopping, chopping, sports-watching, and every other amazing thing you do.

It matters.


Gonna get where we’re going

Taking one step at a time


True that.


Blog to you soon,


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