At the Same Time

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In the early spring of 2018, (that sounds like the intro to a high school history lesson) I read a Facebook post from Lisa Valentine Clark. You know her as the hilarious lady on the Chatbooks ads and one of the hosts of Random Acts.

I heart her.

She is beautifully real and really beautiful. She makes me laugh and think.

Her husband battled a terminal illness and she was a consistent source of light, humor and faith.

In the Facebook post that I read, Lisa marveled at the miracle of experiencing pain and peace, joy and heartache, triumph and tragedy – all at the same time.

After reading Lisa’s post, my first thought was, this message needs to be a song.

Just a week or two later, a family friend passed away in a car accident. I sang at his funeral and heard all four of his amazing children speak. They cried. They laughed. They celebrated his life and mourned his passing.











At that funeral, I witnessed in real time, what Lisa described. Pain and peace. Comfort and tragedy. Heartache and joy. We don’t usually pair those words in the same sentence and certainly don’t expect to feel two opposing emotions in one heart.

But it happens.

And I believe it is a sign of God’s presence in our lives. When we feel burdened by pain, tragedy and heartache, God sends incomprehensible peace, comfort and joy. He knows how to mend our broken hearts and restore joy. It’s a miracle.

There truly is something so divine when pain and grace collide.

That’s what “At the Same Time” is about. I hope you enjoy it.

Blog to you soon,

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