How I Wrote Love Your Life

Have you ever had the perfect words in the perfect moment for a child or friend or spouse or knew exactly what the quilt should look like before you cut the first square?  Have you ever planned a lesson and knew precisely what the message should be or saw the painting in your mind’s eye […]

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Lessons from Braided Bread

(This blog was originally posted January 2012)

I just learned that I spent three years on someone’s “to do” list.

That has to be some kind of record somewhere. (Anyone have a Guinness Book handy?)

A wonderful woman from my former stake has had “bring Hilary homemade bread” on her “to do” list for three years. THREE YEARS!!

I […]

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Killer Hill

(This blog was originally posted June, 2012)

Killer Hill.

It’s about a half mile from our house and it is as bad as it sounds. Not because there are criminals lurking in the bushes, but because it is a SUPER STEEP CLIMB. My treadmill has a max incline of 12% and if I had to guess the […]

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Not Again!

(This blog was originally posted January 2010)

Oh yes…again. It has happened once more – I have cut a tag out of my clothing that makes no sense. (It’s not like I’m trying to come across unusual tags…it is just happening to me.)

Take a look. See if you notice the same thing I did…

It is the […]

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