My Clicking/Positive Thinking Experiment

Clicking is a practice that has completely changed my life. Here’s how I discovered it as an excellent tool to develop positive thinking. It was ...
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Quote about sacrifice

Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven

This blog is based on a question. It’s probably something I shouldn’t ask, but asking led to a meaningful answer – which has given me ...
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His Promises

It’s funny how certain dates stand out in your mind. February 18, 2021. It was just over a month ago – I was on my ...
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Holiday Happy List

​Holiday Happy List PDF.pdf​ The 2020 holidays may not be what we are used to – we probably won’t be gathering with family and friends ...
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Sunrise to Sunrise

The idea for the song “Sunrise to Sunrise” came to me long before I actually wrote it.  I scribbled the title in my songwriting notebook, ...
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That’s Who I Am

The inspiration for “That’s Who I Am” had something to do with a movie about a horse. But I’ve forgotten which movie it was. Was ...
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