That is a rough approximation of the calories I didn’t eat in January because of my “I Won’t” goal.  3,465 is really close to 3,500 (duh) which is the number of calories in one pound.  You could say I saved myself a pound’s worth of eating.  You could also say, (now this is just hypothetical,) that sometimes I ate a morning snack, a late-night treat and/or a snippet before dinner because I knew I had “saved” calories earlier in the day.  So you could say, the saved calories and the extra calories evened out.  That’s what the scale would say too.

I would say, after a month of not overeating:

  • I feel more in control
  • I did not feel sluggish
  • I didn’t have the “I’m going to pig-out now, but will be good tomorrow” mentality
  • I was motivated to exercise
  • I feel good about myself

I love January’s “I Won’t” so much, it gets to go with me right on into February – like new friend who I want to keep hanging out with because of their good influence.

Now, let’s not leave out January’s “I Will.”  (I Will set a mini-goal everyday.)

Like a child who has just tied their shoes for the first time, I’m happy to announce…”I did it!  I did it!  I set goals all by myself, and I reached them!”  It’s given me a renewed confidence in goal setting.  The daily goals were simple, easy, achievable.  Things like:

  • Write a thank you note
  • Use a kind voice
  • Write a blog
  • Finish my workout – don’t quit in the middle
  • Make a dentist appointment
  • Send an email

“Okay, January’s “I Will,”  you can come with me into February too.”

Can I just tell you, it was fun to decide what February’s “I Will” & “I Won’t” would be!  It feels like a new, more simple world of goal setting has opened up!  Now, without any further…um…waitingpausing…(I’m trying to avoid having to spell adieu)…here are February’s “I Will” & “I Won’t.”

Just in case the “I Will” is confusing…I Will study German everyday for ten minutes.  So excited!

Blog to you soon,





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  1. Natasha Says:

    Just so you know, everytime I read “I will” in your posts I start singing…”I will stand, I will not fall…”

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