Thoughts on Thoughts Part II of XXIVI

Remember the experiment?  (Allow me to quickly re-cap for those of you who have just joined us or for those who have short term memories.) 

1.  I bought a clicker and counted my negative thoughts. 

2.  After several days I felt down, depressed and discouraged.

There – you pretty much have the gist of it.  (If you want to know more, read Part I – just a couple of blogs back.)

I was really surprised by the effect that simple, tiny act of “clicking” each negative thought had on my mood.   I guess that is why King Benjamin told us in the Book of Mormon to “watch ourselves and our thoughts.”  And maybe that is why we are told in the Doctrine and Covenants to “let virtue (or power) garnish our thoughts unceasingly.” 

President Spencer W. Kimball said, “How could a person possibly become what he is not thinking?  Nor is any thought, when persistently entertained, too small to have its effect.  The divinity that shapes our ends is indeed in ourselves.”

So I switched.  I quit counting negative thoughts and started counting the positive thoughts.  It was SO. MUCH. BETTER.

I loved “clicking” all the positive, uplifting, inspiring, gratitude-filled thoughts I could fill my mind with.

Ice cream.



Down Pillows.



A prophet.

Ice Cream.  (Whoops, did I already say that one?)



Digital Scrapbooking.  (I could rack up a lot of clicks for that!)  Hey!  Did I mention that I won a scrapbooking contest recently.  I DID!!  I totally did.  My sister-in-law asked me what I won?  A trip to the Caribbean, she asked?  No, something WAAAAAAYYY better, I said…$30 bucks for more scrapbooking supplies.

The first day, I counted 321 clicks!  By Day four…(I was totally shocked when I saw this) One thousand, two hundred and sixty two!!  That’s…1,262!  My spirit seemed to soar – I felt so happy.  My circumstances hadn’t changed one bit, only the focus of my thoughts had.  I loved creating positive thoughts.  That is much more fun than trying to block or chase away the negative ones.

Brigham Young said, “The greatest mystery a man ever learned, is to know how to control the human mind, and bring every faculty and power of the same in subjection to Jesus Christ.  This is the greatest mystery we have to learn while in these tabernacles of clay.”

Well…tune in for Part III and in the meantime, I’m going to go to Nashville.  Is there a restaurant in Nashville that I should FOR SURE eat at?

Blog to you soon,


17 Responses to “Thoughts on Thoughts Part II of XXIVI”

  1. laurel Says:

    Capitol Grille. Macaroni & Cheese, please.
    it PAINS me not to be there.


  2. Melanie Says:

    WOW! I have loved your music for long…when I need some music to set the tone to feel the spirait or to lift my own, I always reach for one of your cds.

    I want to say that this post & idea has the power to change the world! The simple idea of our thoughts making a difference is powerful enough, but being aware of it & making the count is amazing! Acting (clicking the clicker) upon them makes us accountable. This experiment also proves on what we focus on continues to grow. I’m sure it feels almost “contagious”…and that’s the world-changing part. The spirit is with us more when we are in a grateful mindset…imagine the possibilities if we were all in this mindset & the spirit was with us all growing exponentially!!! Oh it makes my heart giddy!!!
    Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!!! Much love & God Bless You & Yours! :)

  3. Raejean Says:

    Thanks for sharing part two of your experiment. It reminds me of a Family Home Evening activity I did with my kids. I had them close their eyes and think of the color blue and everything blue. Then I had them tell me all the yellow things in our house. It took them a bit to switch gears from blue to yellow and showed them how the power of how we focus our attention.

  4. Andrea Says:

    I’m liking the positive clicking so much better! I can’t believe you had over 1,000 clicks. That’s a lot to be thankful for!

    We thought about doing Nashville, but OKC is closer, so we have to wait until May. :)

  5. Jennie Says:

    I totally agree with Melanie, this experiment could change the world. If all people focuses on the positive I can’t even begin to imagine how much different the world would be, and how much different I would be. I have always known that our thoughts have a great power over us. I hope I can use this experiment to better myself. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge!

  6. Emilee Says:

    Sister Weeks,
    I was wondering if I could get some information on having you do an in house concert or a fireside for our youth. Would you be interested? What do I need to do? Please contact me at Thanks so much!


  7. Kelli Says:

    First of all – I will be seeing you in Nashville! Wish I had a restaurant to recommend, but I am driving up from AL so not very familiar with what’s there. Are you going to be singing “Dancing in the Rain”? I love that quote. So excited to hear your new song!

    Your post totally reminds me of an activity that I do with my kids called “Pause for the Positives”- simply taking time to talk about good things that are happening in our lives. I battle with negative thoughts sometimes too – drives me crazy! I even wrote them all down one day just so I could throw it away – trying to clear out the “mental clutter”.

    I am actually a faculty member for this a free parenting website that’s all about teaching optimism to your kids – although I’ve learned just as much, if not more than they have. It was created by Pepperidge Farm Goldfish – Funny thing is that there are 10 of us faculty moms from all over the country who give feedback (via conference calls & webinars) on the activities and such, and FIVE of us are LDS. I don’t think that Pepperidge Farm even realizes that, but when I think about what the gospel teaches us about gratitude and optimism, it’s no wonder that five of us “mormon mommy bloggers” ended up on the faculty. :)

    You should totally check out the site – I bet you would love it. Again – looking forward to your performances this weekend. I may come say hi in person and get you to sign a CD for my sister. :)

  8. Missy Says:

    See you in Nashville! Actually, we just finished friday nights session and can’t wait for tomorrow. If I can just get theses crazy ladies to bed!

  9. Angie Nelson Says:

    I love the idea of the positive clicker instead . We should all be focusing on the good since there is so much bad around us. I would love to go to Nashville someday have a good trip!

  10. Rachel Says:

    I just discovered your blog. I was able to attend TOFW in Nashville. I drove up from Huntsville, AL. It was SO wonderful! It was my first TOFW and I am grateful for the opportunity to attend. You were awesome. I talked about you all through date night with my husband tonight. Thank you for sharing your talents and testimony!!
    I had to laugh at your scrabooking comment. I’m a scrapbooker and recently won a contest, as well. I was asked the same question, “What did you win?” My reply, “More scrapbooking supplies!” I was also a guest design team member for a month, which was cool, too. Do you have a craft blog where you share your scrapbooking?
    I hope you enjoyed your visit to Nashville with all of us Mormon women creating a ruckus! Have a safe trip home.

  11. Amy Craig Says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your music and your thoughts this weekend in Nashville. You have such an amazing gift and I left TOFW completely motivated and inspired. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!
    I look forward to seeing you perform again sometime.
    You are a beautiful person inside and out!
    Much love,
    Amy Kartchner Craig
    I’m the one that ran into you in the bathroom Sat morning :) …you know my brother. If you ever see Eclipse perform, tell Dan I said Hey!

  12. Dana Says:

    I’m heading to TOFW in Richmond, VA this fall and I have to admit, I’m tempted to skip it since you won’t be there! I’ve been a fan for years–thank you for all you’ve brought to my life. I can ALWAYS count on your music to bring the Spirit in to my home, even when I am in full panic mode. My husband even calls it my “sad music” not because it’s sad but because he knows that when I’m blasting Hillary, I’m needing an uplift. My little girls love your music, too. Ok, enough gushing. :)

  13. Annie Says:

    Not surprising… a little girl I read the “Power of Positive Thinking” and everything by Norman Vincent Peale that I found in the bookshelf, and it so resonated for me.

    Speaking of which, I am Catholic, and happily, faithfully so, but I have to say that all the Mormons I know of and have met are such inspirations!

  14. Julie Says:

    I love the wonderful quotes from Presidents Young and Kimball. Where did you find them? I shared them with a friend and was asked where I found them. I was hoping to find out for him.

    It’s amazing how one person can bless countless others. Thank you for being a blessing in my life.

  15. Nikki Andreasen Says:

    Just wanted to thank you so much for your thoughts above, and for your book- Believe… I came across is quite by accident, actually by the Spirit is probably more like it. I don’t really like to read (mostly because I struggle with comprehension/retention) but have been trying to do some studying on the power of positive thinking along with my scripture study routine in the mornings. One day I went to our bookshelf, which is unusual in itself because of my lack of enthusiasm for reading :) and started looking through our books, I had remembered a book I had gotten from when we had cleaned out my grandparents house after they had passed away, and was looking for it and that is when I came across your book. I had no recollection of ever seeing it before or why I even had it, but there it was and for some reason it caught my eye. But wow! What a priceless little gem! Not only did it have several insights that will help me on my presentation for Stake Auxiliary Training but also little insights that have improved my thoughts and study of Positivity! I especially love the truths that gratitude will multiply not only our resources, but also our abilities and efforts as in your recounting of Christ feeding the 5000. Of all the times I have heard that story, I’d never picked up on that! Thanks for the great insights! You are beautiful!

  16. crystal beutler Says:


    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated you sharing this! I’ve been in such a funk and I know that a big part of it is because of my thoughts. I’m currently on the YW Camp board for my stake and I’d love to do something with this idea for the girls — tying it to a scripture for camp. I’m wondering if you have any songs that relate to this topic. If so, will you let me know so that we can buy a copy of the music. Thanks!

  17. Tani Bree Says:

    I bought a clicker! I am blogging about it today. I’ve been using it for a week and it has made a huge difference! I have a rule that I have to have at least 100 positive thoughts a day. Thank you for sharing this! I love it!

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